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Our Osteopathic Manual Pracitioner

Eden Jakob M.OMSc

Eden discovered her love for people and her desire to help others during an 18 month mission trip in South America.

This desire, coupled with her passion for anatomy, physiology and belief in the self healing capabilities of the body lead her to the field of Osteopathy.

Eden received her Master in Osteopathic Manual Science from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in 2021.

She loves how Osteopathic thinking and treatment can be applied to help improve the health of people in all ages and circumstances. 

In her free time Eden enjoys hiking, camping and training for triathlons. 


Osteopathic Services + Online Booking:

Osteopathy for Children-  Assessment + Treatment  
  (4-12 yrs old)

Osteopathy for Children- Subsequent

 (4-12 yrs old)

Osteopathy - 45 Min, Assessment + Treatment  

Osteopathy- 30 Min, Subsequent 

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