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Our Registered Massage Therapist

Lynn Kayorie, RMT

Lynn is charismatic and devoted as well as highly specialized in her profession.


She uses a variety of techniques working with the patient to relieve pains and improve flexibility as well as decrease stress. With over 11 years of practice in the massage therapy field!


Previous to her Registered Massage Therapy career, she has 14 yrs experience in Personal Training!

Lynn is dedicated therapist who will tailors each treatment specifically for each of her patients to enable a comfortable experience.

Outside the office, she loves to soak in the great outdoors as well as her pride and joy, her two parrots, Boomer and Benny!!

Registered Massage Therapy Services + Online Booking:

Indian Head Massage 45 Min

Massage 45 Min, Assessment + Treatment

Massage 45 Min, Subsequent

Massage 60 Min, Assessment + Treatment

Massage 60 Min, Subsequent

Massage 75 Min, Assessment + Treatment

Massage 75 Min, Subsequent

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