Cupping Massage

What is Cupping Massage?

It is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine with plastic cups that suction to create negative pressure to gently lift  tissue; which helps to create space within compressed tissue. This allows for draining excess interstitial fluids and toxins, loosens adhered tissue and brings fresh blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. 

Cupping Massage helps connective tissue also known as fascia; which surrounds all muscles/muscle groups, bones and organs, holding them in place keeping the body strong yet mobile.  


Cupping Massage increases the flexibility of fascia. Initially treatment with Cupping is tender or uncomfortable due to tension in the muscles or connective tissue. However, muscle tension and pain decrease with each treatment as circulation increases in the area of stiffness and immobility.  

Certain causes of Fascial shortening or restrictions can be inflammation, trauma, surgery or postural/fascial imbalances creating tension in muscle and connective tissue. When patients find no relief; even after lots of stretching or find that there is decrease range of motion with movement, most times it is the cause of restriction in muscle or connective tissue.

Cupping Massage can treat many different body dysfunctions; 

  • Sports injury (anything soft tissue) 

  • Digestive System 

  • Respiratory Conditions 

  • Sciatica 

  • Frozen shoulder 

  • ITB  

  • Muscular Tension due to repetitive strain 


After Cupping Treatment; reminder to drink plenty of water to help flush toxins lifted from the muscles 

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