Materno, RMT

I am intrigued and inspired by the body and holistic medicine. 

​My belief is that if we treat our bodies well and give the proper support to thrive in its own habitat; in return the body will treat us well. 

​​I have always been amazed at the astonishing ability the body has to heal, adapt and compensate when faced with illness, dysfunction or injury.

My interest in becoming a Massage Therapist started when I was little, with my love for complex workings of the human body and later with my desire to positively impact others lives with my career.

I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Ontario College of Health and Technology, following the completion of the certified examinations required by the College of Massage Therapists Ontario in 2012.

The following years I continued my education to gain certification in, Cupping massage and Acupuncture; as well as becoming a Pilates Mat Instructor.

I have been fortunate to previously work in many multidisciplinary facilities, working alongside Chiropractors, Naturopathic doctors, Physiotherapists and more. I enjoy working with each individual patient to create a specific treatment plan for their needs to optimize recovery. Treatments can consist of therapeutic massage techniques to help with stress management, chronic muscular tension and injuries; additionally, acupuncture and cupping massage. 


I love sharing my expertise as well as my enthusiasm! I also thoroughly enjoy continuing my education through classes, seminars and courses!

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